Increased work can affect the environment of a good work environment, overworked agents are prone to stress and this affects productivity or quality of calls.

There are solutions to these problems, incentives. Happier agents are synonymous with quality and commitment in your calls.


Create an incentive strategy


It is necessary to analyze and decide on a correct incentive program, strategies that motivate agents to improve behavior, attitude and competence. We can ask a round of questions about what they would like for prizes to motivate themselves, but your initiative is the main thing.




Hand out cash when an agent breaks a record, daily, weekly or monthly sales, extra money in addition to her salary and commissions. Agents most likely would rather receive money than a gift that they never use or are not to their liking.


Physical Awards


Recognition in physical awards for agents will motivate them to work hard in low seasons, thus giving the extra when sales are scarce. You must decide what type of prizes they prefer, an example can be gift cards, memberships, certificates for a restaurant, bottles of liquor, etc. The higher the quality of the prize, the higher the motivation.




Physical or monetary gifts may be accompanied by acknowledgments. A recognition in front of the group can have a greater impact. Another form of recognition is the “employee of the month” or “of the week”, it can be announced on the internet pages, social networks and within our company with a photograph and caption of their effort.


The difficulty to start with this can be communication, the way to interact with the team. Before investing in incentives you have to start with creating correct communication Supervisors – Agents or Manager – Agents, supervisors or managers must have the confidence to motivate, they are the ones who are going to spread the work stimulus.


You must always keep in mind that the more motivated your agents are, the better their performance will be during their working hours, as well as they will be motivated before entering their workday since they will arrive with a good attitude and seek awards and recognitions. As an extra, this can be shown on your social networks, the message will reach future service buyers and people who want to work in your company, they will see that you are the best option.

Take these tips and start to incentivize your agents and you will see that you will have great results in your sales.

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