Coworking, A new way of working

Coworking, A new way of working

¿Have you heard the term Coworking? Nowadays it may be unknown for some, but it is an issue that has gained strength in recent months,and it may be a new way to improve the economy.


What is Coworking?

Coworking are offices shared by several professionals, businessmen or individuals who need a space to work and who can collaborate with each other. Most of the occupants are professionals because the owners of these spaces are in charge of managing each activity. These are professionals who only need a space to work with a laptop, telephone and internet.


Being in a Coworking space is like working in your own company, the only difference is that there are no department colleagues, here you are surrounded by professionals with different capacities and contacts who have a common purpose, to work and not pay for private offices with high incomes. This concept was born in San Francisco in 2005 due to problems in the economy, the model has now been replicated in Mexico for a few years.


Who is Coworking for?

If you are looking for a professional environment with affordable costs, Coworking is an excellent idea to start your professional stability, they have furniture such as desks, chairs, internet, meeting room, among other services.


How to find the perfect Coworking?

With the word Coworking you will have many different results, you will have to choose some from the long list, you must consider location, services, furniture, parking for clients, duration of contract, hours, among others things. To know which one suits your needs, you must know which one adds more value to your company because of the type of people who work there, and how your clients will feel when they meet with you.

These places have rentals starting from one day, so you can work a whole day, appreciate the characteristics and see which of your options suits your company.

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