Keep the Blood Flowing: Improve Your Channel Infrastructure

Keep the Blood Flowing: Improve Your Channel Infrastructure

One of the most serious symptoms of ailing call centers is a lack of a technological infrastructure, an organizational backbone that would greatly improve both response times and customer-agent relationships. The tech-tools available to call centers today have been proven to sharpen a call center’s focus; they become increasingly vital during critical times faced by most support teams (such as high spikes in call volume, and periods of increased employee turnover). If you’re looking to make progress, you might consider the following for keeping the blood flowing in your call center:

  • Embracing multi-channel software (which offers web, mobile, and phone channels as modes of customer contact): Implement technologies which can record all client interactions and synchronize such information for the agent so they can completely understand the issue (and solve the problem much sooner);
    Curing through cloud and call-back: Using a cloud-based call-back solution will lessen hold times for customers and thus nurture client loyalty and repeat business;
    Bettering yourself through bots: It’s worth checking out automated chat-bots as a means of answering easy, FAQ-like client questions online, while lessening call volume by reserving calls specifically for more complex customer inquiries; and
    Choosing chat: It’s integral to set an efficient, internal chat system so agents can communicate, ask for help and guidance, send relevant files, and brighten each others’ days with the occasional inspirational meme.

Whether your business is big or small, embracing technologies like chat bots, messaging systems, and cloud-based call-back software makes for a less sluggish, more invigorated call center team. They also make for stronger, collaborative encounters with customers who will likely reach out to your business again as a result. The takeaway is clear: Give your team the right tools, and they will finish the job.


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